Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering is a part of the institution since its inception. The faculty members are well trained in academic and research activities and are drawn from prestigious educational institutions.

Indian economy has been booming and the infrastructure sector has seen hectic activity. Consequently Super Structures and Engineering Marvels have come up in a short time. Hence the demand for Civil Engineers has escalated. The Civil Engineering dept. at IES does not spare any effort to create outstanding engineers with advanced techniques, employing professional teaching methodologies.

Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in the interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient for them to excel in a fast paced world today. The faculty of the Civil Engineering Department undertakes consultancy related to topographic surveying, contour mapping, design of multi-storeyed structures,foundation design etc.

  • To produce Civil Engineers of Excellence by imparting training and insight into vital areas of Civil Engineering, facilitating the construction of cost effective structures and super structures.
  • To equip the students with sufficient knowledge allowing them to meet the challenges in the construction industry, be it planning and design or management.
  • To create responsible engineers with a human touch who work for morally upright, sustainable and eco-friendly development.
Head of the Department


Head of the Department
(Ph.D, M.Tech)


To impart knowledge and technical skills on basic Civil Engineering practices such as masonry, surveying, modeling etc.


To impart training in Chain, Compass, Plane table surveying and Levelling.


To provide testing facilities for concrete,timber,steel and other materials.


To provide testing facilities for determining engineering properties of soil and rock.


To conduct experiments in the fields of rigid and flexible pavements and testing pavement materials.


To conduct laboratory tests for water quality assessment.


To familiarize Civil Engineering application softwares such as AUTOCAD, STAAD, Finite Element Software MSC package etc.


Geotechnical Engineering (dept. of civil engineering)

The never-ending need for infrastructure has forced development to take place in unsuitable ground and environmental conditions. Construction projects coming up in adverse ground conditions require experts with thorough understanding of geotechnical engineering for providing proper foundations for the proposed structures. IES College of Engineering has recognized the importance of Geotechnical Engineering and considering it as a social responsibility, took necessary steps to introduce M. Tech. Geotechnical Engineering course in the department of Civil Engineering. IESCE is the first self-financing college to offer this course in Kerala. It is the second college in the state to offer this course.

The innovative methods of study in real life situations help the students get a good exposure to practical problems and their solutions. Students are given thorough training in surveying, planning, analysis, design and cost estimation of Civil Engineering structures including industrial buildings through intensive practical classes, mini and major projects, survey camps, field visits and project work. Experts in the field of Geotechnical Engineering conduct regular sessions/seminars for the students as well as faculty members.

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